Current Projects

DATA Theme: During the academic year 2017-2018, Energysense will engage in a collaborative project with the University of Lund on the theme “DATA: enabling us to better store, observe and understand what we measure”. As International Visiting Research Fellow at the Pufendorf Institute, I will contribute to the DATA theme. Together with a number of colleagues from Lund and abroad, the theme will harness a broad range of expertise in order to find solutions to challenges of data curation, visualisation, discovery and prediction, as well as reflect on cross-disciplinary collaboration, including reflexivity in data research, trust and reliability. In the course of the year, exchanges and visits between the participants will take place, culminating in a closing 3-day conference entitled “Opportunities and Challenges in the Future Use of Data”.. More details.

VIENNA: In March 2018, I will join the University of Vienna as a visiting professor, to contribute to the Master of Arts ‘Science – Technology – Society’. My contribution will focus on the The Informational Turn in Energy and Sustainability.

Energysense, a large-scale socio-technical infrastructure for energy data. Energysense will serve research, innovation and engagement purposes. I developed and lead the implementation of this flagship project of the Energy Academy Europe. Funding has been obtained from the University of Groningen, Economic Affairs, European Regional Development Fund and partnerships with businesses.

Past projects

  • Picturing the Brain: Perspectives on Neuroimaging. PhD c0-supervision, Rita Elmkvist Nilsen. Project description.
  • The ‘Neuro-turn’ in European Social Sciences and Humanities: Impacts of neurosciences on economics, marketing and philosophyNESSHI. NESSHI is an European ORA project.
  • Enhancing Scholarly Publishing in the Humanities and Social Sciences: Innovation through Hybrid Forms of Publication.
  • Virtual Knowledge. Edited collection. Paul Wouters, Anne Beaulieu, Andrea Scharnhorst and Sally Wyatt (eds), published  with MIT Press.
  • Network Realism: making knowledge from databases of images on the web. See project blog.
  • Alfalab: digital humanities and VREs at the KNAW. See project blog.
  • PhD co-supervision, Dina Friis, Leiden University.

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