Anne Beaulieu is Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies at Campus Fryslan, University of Groningen. Her current teaching and research focus on Earth Science, Energy and Sustainability and Science and Technology Studies.

Anne was programme manager of Energysense, at the University of Groningen between 2015 and 2018. Before taking on this position, she was project manager of the Groningen Energy and Sustainability Programme. She joined the University of Groningen following several years as senior research fellow at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW), where she also acted as deputy programme leader of the Virtual Knowledge Studio for the Humanities and Social Sciences  between 2005 and 2010. Before that, she investigated the development of neuroimaging and cognitive neuroscience, leading to her PhD dissertation (University of Amsterdam 2000). In 1999, she was appointed Lecturer in Science, Culture and Communication, in Bath, UK. Her work in Groningen is well served by her interdisciplinary background, which ranges from neuroscience to sociology, including communications and art history (McGill University 1992, 1994). Beaulieu has been a member of the Dutch national research school WTMC (science, technology and modern culture) since its inception in 1995.

A dominant theme in Beaulieu’s work is the importance of interfaces for the creation and circulation of knowledge. Past research projects at the KNAW in the area of e-science and e-research focused on data-sharing (expert panel for OECD [PDF]), on knowledge networks, and on visualisation and visual knowledge (see publications and Network Realism). Beaulieu has also done extensive work in the field of digital humanities, on new (ethnographic) research methods and on ethics in e-research. She also has a very successful track-record in conceiving and implementing novel, interactive forms of communication in research and teaching. More information about ongoing projects and past research can be found on this website ( ).

A chapter of my PhD entitled ‘The Space inside the Skull: Digital Representations, Brain Mapping and Cognitive Neuroscience in the Decade of the Brain‘ is also available.

Where I’m from

I grew up in city called Moncton, a regional service and cultural centre in an economically deprived part of Canada. As part of the minority Acadian (French-speaking) community, I developed a rather complex and sometimes fierce view of language politics and of centre/periphery issues–which comes with its highly specific kind of humor (Acadieman!). At 18, I went to McGill University, and from there moved to Amsterdam where I did my PhD.

photo: Harry Holsteijn

Since 2007, I’ve been living in the fabulous northern city of Groningen with my husband and son (a UK millennium baby). I was a long-time member of the Groningen section of Stitch&Bitch, love working with all kinds of textiles, and am an avid bio-oriented scuba diver with Hydrofiel and in the past with Oceanus in Zeeland. More recently, I’ve taken up water polo, as supporter, long-time member of the water polo committee of TriVia and lately as recreational player. My newest pursuit is triathlon.

Past Research

My work has focused on the relationship between knowledge and technology. In particular, I have investigated the way new objects, and ways of knowing and communicating about knowledge, develop as technologies are taken in up in research practices. Main research areas: visual knowing through digital images, new research methods for mediated ethnography, social technology and ‘e-research’. New themes are interdisciplinarity in energy research and infrastructures for the study of household energy use.


  • 2018-present: Associate Professor of Science and Technology Studies, Campus Fryslan, University of Groningen.
  • January 2015-2018: Programme manager Energysense, University of Groningen
  • February 2011 to December 2014 Project manager Groningen Energy and Sustainability Programme, University of Groningen.
  • July 2005 to 2011: Senior Research Fellow en Deputy Programme Leader (permanent position), Virtual Knowledge Studio, KNAW, Amsterdam.
  • September 2001 to June 2005: Senior Researcher (permanent position), Networked Research and Digital Information (Nerdi), KNAW, Amsterdam, with cross-appointment to the University of Amsterdam, ASCoR (Amsterdam School of Communication Research), The Netherlands.
  • September 1999- August 2001: Lecturer in Science, Culture and Communication, (equivalent to assistant professor, tenure track), Department of Psychology, University of Bath, UK.
  • September 1995-August 1999: Sessional Instructor, Department of Science & Technology Dynamics, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
  • 1992-93 Teaching and Research Assistant, Department of English, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
  • 1992-93 Research Assistant, Department of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

Professional and Editorial Activities

  • 2017 to present: Board Member of the NIAS-Lorentz advisory board
  • 2017 to present: Board member Studium Generale Groningen
  • 2001 to present: Member of WTMC, National research school Science, Technology and Modern Culture (science studies research network)
  • January 2002 to 2005: Visiting Fellow, Science Studies Centre, University of Bath (UK)
  • Member of the editorial board of the journal Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration (DISCO) (formerly the Journal of Biomedical Discovery and Collaboration, Biomed Central).
  • 2002 to present: Reviewer for NSF (US), Wellcome Trust (UK), ESRC (UK), King Baudouin Foundation (Belgium), Temple University Press (US), Cornell University Press (US), Sage (UK), Social Studies of Science, Science, Technology and Human Values, Handbook of Science and Technology Studies, New Media and Society, Science Studies, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Science as Culture, Forum Qualitative Research, Social Science & Medicine, Ethnography, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Field Methods, Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, Public Understanding of Science, Organization, Science in Context, Data Science Journal
  • Member of MacArthur-UCHRI Digital Media and Learning Initiative, Group on Community Protocol on ethics and data-sharing, 2010.
  • Member of KNAW programme committee on Computational Humanities, 2009-2010.
  • Member of the E-science panel of the Swedish Research Council, 2009.
  • Member of the OECD expert committee on data sharing, 2001-2003.


  • 2000 Ph.D. Department of Science & Technology Dynamics, University of Amsterdam, Dissertation: The Space inside the Skull: Digital Representations, Brain Mapping and Cognitive Neuroscience in the Decade of the Brain, Promotor: Professor Stuart Blume.
  • 1994 M.A. Thesis: The Truth of the Trace: Constructing the Power of the Medical Image, McGill University, Montreal, Canada.
  • 1992 B.A. (with distinction) Humanistic Studies (Religious Art), McGill University, Montreal, Canada.

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  1. Salut Anne,
    Ca fait longtemps que je te cherche.
    Je vois que tu as bien fait ton chemin dans la vie. Continue!
    Tu peux m’envoyer un courriel si tu le desires.
    Je pense a toi de temps en temps.

    Miriam Cyr

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